lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

¡¡ Escuchad en PROGSTREAMING las últimas novedades del progresivo !!

Ya sabéis como va ésto ¿no? En PROGSTREAMING podéis disfrutar de los nuevos lanzamientos del género PROG, de forma gratuita y sin interrupciones. Ahora mismo -y recordad que los discos están temporalmente- podéis escuchar unas cuantas novedades del sello Kscope como lo último de Lunatic Soul, iamthemorning, Engineers, The Pineapple Thief y North Atlantic Oscillation. Los Prog-metaleros también pueden gozar con los más recientes trabajos de Threshold y Scar Symmetry. Pasen y vean...

Ne Obliviscaris "Citadel"
While Heaven Wept "Suspended At Aphelion"
Scar Symmetry "The Singularity (Phase I, Neohumanity)"
North Atlantic Oscillation "The Third Day"
Terry Draper "When The World Was Young"
Cartographer "A Sea Of Sunshine"
Antoine Fafard "Ad Perpetuum"
Gandalf`s Fist "A Forest Of Fey"
Esosome "What We Thought Would Save Us"
Spleen Arcana "The Light Beyond The Shades"
The Gate "Faceless"
Eighth Whale "Eighth Whale"
Pymlico "Guiding Light"
Fractal Mirror "Garden Of Ghosts"
Three Winters "Chroma"
Threshold "For The Journey"
Lunatic Soul "Walking On A Flashlight Beam"
Bjorn Riis "Lullabies In A Car Crash"
Steve Rothery "The Ghosts Of Pripyat"
Mostly Autumn "Dressed In Voices"
The Sixxis "Hollow Shrine"
Walfad "An Unsung Hero, Salty Rains and Him"
Pinkroom "Unloved Toy"
Supernal Endgame "Touch The Sky, Volume II"
Aeon Zen "Ephemera"
Something`s At The Sky "From The Rain"
Proteo "Republikflucht ... Facing East"
The Emerald Dawn "Searching For The Lost Key"
Progeland "Gateway To Fulfilled Fantasies"
Jerzy Antczak "Ego, Georgius"
Mikko Iivanainen "Last Room"
Modest Midget "Crysis"
Times Up "Sea Of Schemes"
Kingfisher Sky "Arms Of Morpheus"
Phi "Now The Waves Of Sound Remain"
Millenium "In Search Of The Perfect Melody"
Lagartija "Amore Di Vinile"
Unto Us "The Human Landscape"
Deep Thought "The Tunnel"
Ysma "Fourth Wall"
Marco Machera "Dime Novels"
Gothik Serpent "Interloper"
Active Heed "Higher Dimensions"
Sophie`s Earthquake "Sophie`s Earthquake" (EP)
Juke "Chimeras` Tale"
Cell15 "Chapter One"
Kong "Stern"
Eccentric Orbit "Creation Of The Humanoids"
Alberto Rigoni "Overloaded"
Kant Freud Kafka "No Tengas Miedo"
Abel Ganz "Abel Ganz"
Ange "Emile Jacotey Resurrection"
Hemina "Nebulae"
Greenwall "Zappa Zippa Zuppa Zeppa"
Majestic "Epsilon 2"
3rd Ear Experience "Incredible Good Fortune"
Product "Aether"
iamthemorning "Belighted"
The Pineapple Thief "Magnolia"
Monomyth "Further"
Frequency Drift "Summer"
Margin "Psychedelic Teatime"
Heliopolis "City Of The Sun"
Distorted Harmony "Chain Reaction"
Electric Orange "Volume 10"
Seven That Spells "The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock, IO"
Seven Impale "City Of The Sun"
Engineers "Always Returning"
Palefeather "Palefeather"
Arlekin "Disguise Serenades"
Tides Of Man "Young And Courageous"
The Galileo 7 "False Memory Lane"
Hominido "Estirpe Litica"
Introitus "Anima"
Pervy Perkin "Ink"
Neronia "Limnotapes"
Brieg Guerveno "Ar Bed Kloz"
New Keepers Of The Water Towers "The Cosmic Child"
Dimaeon "Collapse Of The Anthropocene"
Mind Soul "The Way It Should Be"
Astral Son "Gurumaya"
Millenium "In The World Of Fantasy? ...And Other Rarities"
Umphrey`s McGee "Similar Skin"
Adrian Weiss "Easy Game"
Corral "Revenant"
Taylor Watson "(A)Synchronous"
Addyction "Wonderful Delusion"
The Merlin Bird "Chapter And Verse"
Alek Darson "Panopticon" (EP)
Soup "The Beauty Of Our Youth"
Renaissance "Symphony Of Light"

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