lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

ProgStreaming, junio 2012

Dejándome de rollos y explicaciones, dado que todos ya sabéis de qué va la web PROGSTREAMING... doy paso a los protagonistas de este mes (a día de hoy claro) y sus correspondientes últimos lanzamientos.
A destacar, el 2º trabajo de los barceloneses HARVEST, lo nuevo de QUIDAM, HASSE FRÖBERG & THE MUSICAL COMPANION, OHMPHREY, NORTH ATLANTIC OSCILLATION, GALAHAD, y un largo etcétera de buenos discos, que podéis ver a continuación...

Scherani – Everybody`s Waiting
Oshean – Live
Father Golem – I O
OHMphrey – Posthaste
Marran – Marran
Harvest – Chasing Time
Quidam – Saiko
Gekko Projekt – Electric Forest
Fuchs – Leaving Home
These Curious Thoughts – Building Mountains From The Ground
Prisma – You Name It
Chromus – Chromus
XII Alfonso – Charles Darwin
The Samuel Jackson Five – The Samuel Jackson Five
Hasse Froberg and Musical Companion – Powerplay
Yossi Sassi – Melting Clocks
Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Crown And Treaty
North Atlantic Oscillation – Fog Electric
Hand – Breathing
Hipgnosis – Relusion
Altered Symmetry – Prologue
Galahad – Battle Scars
Alphataurus – Live In Bloom
Rick Miller – Dark Dreams
A Lonely Crowd – User Hostile
Phoenix Again – ThreeFour
Macroscream – Sisyphus
Oresund Space Collective – West, Space and Love
Beyond The Bridge – The Old Man And The Spirit
ill – Gotten Gains
Phi – For The Love Of Ghosts
Dean Watson – Imposing Elements
Lyrian – The Tongues Of Men And Angels
Jack Dupon – Bascule A Vif
Fabio Zuffanti and Victoria Heward – Merlin, The Rock Opera
Höstsonaten – The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Chapter One
Kotebel – Concerto For Piano And Electric Ensemble
InVertigo – Veritas
Barrett Elmore – Woodlands
The Addiction Dream – Essence
Herd Of Instinct – Herd Of Instinct
Notturno Concertante – Canzoni Allo Specchio
Southern Cross – From Tragedy
Soen – Cognitive
Slychosis – Fractured Eye
Echo Us – Tomorrow Will Tell The Story
In The Labyrinth – One Trail To Heaven
Dean Allen Foyd – The Sounds Can Be So Cruel
Quantum Fantay – Bridges Of The Old Fishingmine
Bolus – Watch Your Step
Outopsya – Fake
Mish – The Entrance
Adrian Weiss – Big Time
Nits – Malpensa
RAK – Lepidoptera II, The Book Of Flight
Nemesea – The Quiet Resistance
Lunocode – Celestial Harmonies
Quantum Sphere – The Space Adventures Of Pyjama Boy.
El Doom and the Born Electric – El Doom and the Born Electric
Steve Brockmann – Airs A Rock Opera
Birth Of Joy – Life In Babalou

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