miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

ProgStreaming, diciembre 2011

Ya se acercan las navidades, época de comer turrones, decorar la casa con figuritas del belén, gastarnos un pastón en regalos para toda la família y... 

¿...y...? ¿¿Qué más va a ser?? Pues seguir escuchando buena música, dejar los villancicos de lado y ponernos un buen álbum de progresivo... y si tenemos ProgStreaming a mano, qué mejor que dejarnos llevar por grandes bandas como Premiata Forneria Marconi, Unitopia, Quaoar, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Iona...

¡¡Ya sabéis, click aquí y aprovechad antes que quiten los discos más antiguos...!!

Aries – Double Reign
Chris – Making Sense
The Lens – Regeneration
Kingcrow – Phlegethon
Mars Hollow – Mars Hollow
Root – Bird's Eye & Tiger Striped
Brother Ape – A Rare Moment of Insight
Sky Architect – Excavations of the Mind
Silhouette – Moods
Silhouette – A-Maze
Prog Exhibition - With Aldo Tagliapietra
Prog Exhibition - With Premiata Forneria Marconi
Prog Exhibition - With Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
Matt Stevens – Relic
Freegh – Freegh
Autumn Chorus – The Village To The Vale
Charts and Maps – Dead Horse
Battle Circus – Battle Circus
Ali Ferguson – The Windmills and the Stars
The Rupert Selection – Conspiritorium
Quaoar – The River & The Soul
Lüger – Concrete Light
Eatliz – Teasing Nature
Spiral – The Capital In Ruins
Ian Gordon – Terminally Brave
Wilton Said – Half Life
Subsignal – Touchstones
Graal – Legends Never Die
X-Panda – Flight Of Fancy
Mario Cottarelli – Una Strana Commedia
Spettri – Spettri
Akt – Blemmebeya
The Skys – Colours Of The Desert
Pirate – Left Of Mind
Tibet – Tibet
Unitopia – One Night In Europe
Anubis – A Tower Of Silence
Red Orchid – Blood Vessels and Marshmallows
Sleepmakeswaves – And So We Destroyed Everything
The Rock Files – A Life On Earth
Funin – Unsound
Iona – Another Realm
CPR – Volume 4
Druckfarben – Druckfarben
John Hackett – Moonspinner
Casual Silence – Vertical Horizon
The Good Hand – The Good Hand
Backyards – Horizon
Vaiping – Industrial Workers Of The World
Accordo dei Contrari – Kublai
Dave Willey and friends – Immeasurable Currents
North Sea Radio Orchestra – I A Moon
One Shot – Live In Tokyo
Camembert – Schnorgl Attahk
Electric Orange – Netto
Scherzoo – 01
Humble Grumble – Flanders Fields
Eider Stellaire – Eider Stellaire
Airbag – All Rights Removed
Little Tragedies – Obsessed
Landscape – Outside Of Nowhere
The Amazing – Gentle Stream
Factor Burzaco – II
Sithonia – La Soluzione Semplice
Poseidotica – Cronicas Del Futuro
Millenium – Puzzles
Frequency Drift – Ghosts
Dorian Opera – Crusade 1212
Simon Says – Siren Songs
Xanadu – The Last Sunrise
Glorie – Glorie
Orne – The Tree Of Life
Trurl – Do Not See Me Rabbit
Kayak – Anywhere But Here
Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit
Hidden Orchestra – Night Walks
Sounds Of The Outland – No Hope
Senior Citizens – Verbal Cavalry
Tune – Lucid Moments
Gandalf’s Fist – Road To Darkness
Soniq Circus – Reflections In The Hourglass
I Treni All’Alba – 2011 A.D.
D’AccorD – Helike

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